Weight Loss Confessions
31. I tell myself every day that I WILL loose weight. I plan out my meals, my weights and stats. Each day I disappointing myself.
30. I feel bad but I’m constantly angry at my friends and boyfriend because they can eat whatever they want.
29. I feel like my best friend doesn’t want me to lose weight because she doesn’t want me to be thinner than her…
28. I can’t stand eating in front of people. Whenever I meet someone new, I’m afraid to eat in front of them because I’m scared they’ll think I’m a pig. I’ve known my best friends for almost 6 years now, and I just started being comfortable when eating around them. I refused to eat around my boyfriend because I was embarrassed. We went out to dinner on our first date and all I had was a water and a salad.
27. When i eat anything in public i feel like everyone around me is thinking “shes so fat she doesnt need to eat anymore„ why doesnt she know that”……
26. i once wanted to binge so badly that i searched the house for coppers and payed 6euro in the shop for my “binge food” in copper coins. it was embarassing when the self service machine got blocked.
25. I cut up both of my visa/atm cards so as not to buy any food, I hate this addiction
24. i constantly ask my roomate when she is leaving so i can go and buy some food to binge on. a part of me gets angry with her when she doesnt leave and another part of me is hoping with desperation that she doesnt leave so i can keep going the way i need to….
23. Sometimes I hate the fact that my friends eat so much junk food and never worry about gaining it. I second guess my meals all the time.
22. I feel like gastric bypass is cheating.